Pastor Stephen Singleton, Senior Pastor & Founder, Worship Site - 3931-A Broad River Rd., Columbia, SC 29210 - Worship Time - 9:00 AM


Our Belief


  • ​​​A Christ led and centered church.
  • Relevant to the times in which it exists.
  • ​A constantly maturing church.
  • Offers vibrant and meaningful worship.
  • Offers understandable teaching.
  • Produces the preached word for the edifying of the kingdom.
  • Has Christian fellowship throughout the year.
  • Offers ministry to serve the lives of the people in the community.
  • Host ministries of prayer that will be the foundation of its existence.
  • Promotes an atmosphere of support and care among its membership.
  • Features simplicity in its methods.
  • Honors God first and foremost in all its dealings.