Pastor Stephen Singleton, Senior Pastor & Founder, Worship Site - 3931-A Broad River Rd., Columbia, SC 29210 - Worship Time - 9:00 AM

OUTREACH... members of our congregation provide meals to the homeless citizens of Columbia on a monthly basis. We also have members who volunteer their time to give service to the juveniles at the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice. We feature programming on a monthly basis designed to inform and empower the members of our community at no cost. We have hosted seminars on health, finance and family. Outreach is an importance component of our ministry and we serve the community to show the love of Christ without expecting anything in return.

FAMILY NIGHT... We feature Family Night on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm for children, youth and adults, for the enhancement of spiritual awareness and development. On Family Night, we feature lessons for our children (all ages) and adult Bible Study that is taught by our pastor. After the lessons, food is served that is provided by our hospitality ministry that is sure to "hit the spot" before you return home.

G.E.M.S of Grace... Our girl's mentoring ministry features the women of our congregation reaching out to the girls of our church and community through programming and positive lessons in various methods. We offer workshops and activities monthly and feature guest speakers for our young ladies. The GEMS meet once a month on the 3rd Saturday. (Please check the church calendar for the activity/workshop for the month.) There are programs being planned to support and encourage co-ed activities for our youth.

BOYS TO MEN... Our Male mentoring ministry features men of our congregation helping to lead the boys of our church and community toward godly and lofty goals for their lives. We have individuals who are assigned to singular mentors and we feature programming to allow healthy interaction between young and teen age boys learning from Christian men. Programming in this ministry includes lessons such as grilling and auto maintenance. We also feature special guests from various backgrounds to expose our boys to people who have risen above the conditions of their developing years and achieved superior objectives in their lives.


We feature a number of ministries that serve our congregation on a weekly basis. These ministries are designed to enhance the GHM experience. Some of these ministries include our Music Department, Ushers, Fellowship-including hostesses, Units (instead of membership classes) and many more. You are invited to be a part of our experience as a congregation of Christian men and women.

CHILDREN'S CHURCH... We feature Children's Church during our worship services to encourage spiritual development in our children under the age of 13. They feature interactive lessons and media supported presentations to inspire them to grow up to be godly adults.

WOMEN'S SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTER... The women of Grace Heritage participate in a prayer and study encounter twice a month on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. (Please check the church's calendar for dates.) The encounter features spirit-led encounters with study, prayer and support. Our women's ministry also features programming designed to help women to grow spiritually and in practical ways designed to empower our women.