Pastor Stephen Singleton, Senior Pastor & Founder, Worship Site - 3931-A Broad River Rd., Columbia, SC 29210 - Worship Time - 9:00 AM


O -D -F - E - W

GHM is a Christian ministry with five fundamental components of ministry undergirding all of its services and activities. Those five components are:


1. OUTREACH - We serve the people of the local communities because we are challenged to do so through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We know that government programs are limited and disappearing, therefore, we provide great opportunities for the church to serve the people of God.

2. DISCIPLESHIP - Teaching the Word of God, allows and encourages believers to learn and grow. The teachings are based on the teachings of the Bible and all topics are addressed openly and honestly


3. FELLOWSHIP - Wholesome "family oriented" opportunities to socialize with believers without the compromised values of the secular world. Believers enjoy the Christian lifestyle and experience the support of the members and friends of our congregation in all of life's experiences.               


4. EVANGELISM - Bringing souls to Christ by showing the benefits and advantages of being a follower of Jesus Christ. We invite others to Jesus through non-confrontational methods, with the understanding that faith is grown through decisions and not through manipulation and intimidation.

5. WORSHIP - A spirit filled assembly full of praise, devotion, and the Word of God that are designed and implemented, to connect parishioners directly with the presence and Spirit of God.